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  • Visits to my office are by APPOINTMENT ONLY

  • Appointments are 1pm - 7pm Sunday through Thursday

  • House calls are an option for established patients only

  • Any language or behavior that is indicative of sex or drugs or drunkenness will not be tolerated, and will qualify for termination of scheduled appointment and termination of any future care.

  • I am available at most Indy races in the Indy Health and Fitness transporter. Please call to schedule an appointment during track hours.



NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbology (through Doctor's referral only)

Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Electro Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxa, Massage

Certified Massage Therapist since 1990

Table or Chair Massage: Acupressure, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Sports, Maternity, Reflexology, Relaxation


Acupressure/Chinese Tui Na is a medical massage using acupressure points and very specific hand techniques. Chinese Tui Na is effective in remedying many problems by changing the energetics of one’s body. Some examples are cases of back pain, headaches, migraines, most pain (acute or chronic), spasm in muscles, insomnia, low immunity, irregular menses, PMS, low energy, poor focus, and prevalent negative moods like depression, anxiety or worry. Please note that all massages are not meant to be used as a substitute for professional medical help. Please consult a Physician or other qualified health care practitioner if you are in any doubt about the cause and treatment of any health care problem.


Japanese Shiatsu is traditionally a medical massage that uses the Japanese pressure points and postural positioning to enhance body harmony of the five elements. The stretching movement and pressure points emphasize the gentle spiritual balance of the five elements and increases “Chi”. This technique is a treatment for the root of many superficial problems. This massage is typically done fully clothed, either on a floor mat or massage table, reminiscent of a Thai massage.


Foot, Hand, and Ear Reflexology are massages that focus on reflex points corresponding to other areas of the body. This form of massage is traditionally used to address health disorders in the body by pressing and kneading reflex points on the foot, hand or ear to treat a wide variety of disorders. Some examples well treated by this treatment are digestive disorders, elimination disorders, breathing problems, and many forms of pain.
Sports Massage is just right for that post workout stretch or pre-workout warm-up! It will loosen and lengthen those tight muscles, reduce soreness, increase energy and get your body ready for peak performance. Pressure points specific for performance enhancement are added. Generally, this massage uses fast strokes and emphasizes large muscle groups to move out muscle waste and help to prevent injuries. Great for those who have had some experience in massage and need a tool to help step up their work out progress.


Trigger Point / Myofacial Release / Deep Tissue Massage are generally used to isolate muscle dysfunction. Points are used to re-educate and relax large muscle groups. Often there is deep pressure involved. Cross friction to the muscle fibers is emphasized to stretch constricted fascia, break down scar tissue and waste from muscles, establish a clean foundation, and enhance circulation. This is wonderful for those who have extensive experience in massage and need a therapeutic tool to address injuries or speed up recovery from intense workouts. This technique is excellent to loosen up areas that are difficult for your Chiropractor or Osteopath to adjust.


Pregnancy (Prenatal) Massage uses gentle touch to reduce the new aches, pains, edema, and potential stretch marks for the changing body of a mother in her second or third trimesters. Special cushions are used so an expecting mother can lie safely and comfortably on her stomach and back, even during late stage pregnancy. You may want to check with your doctor before using this treatment for any problem that could be serious.
Swedish (Relaxation) Massage is a gentle and soothing experience to enhance the circulation and pamper your senses. This is a great massage for those who are not experienced in receiving massages.


Chair Massage can provide a quick 15 minute upper body tune up. I utilize a variety of techniques to melt away soreness, address tension, and bring back motion to your muscles. This is done fully clothed. Chair massage can be available for sporting events, corporate events, banquets, or parties.



Massage Rates:

  • 30 minutes $50.00

  • 60 minutes $90.00

  • 90 minutes $120.00

  • 120 minutes $170.00

  • House Call (less than 15 miles round trip) $20.00

  • 60 minute chair massage $80.00


Acupuncture Rates:

  • Acupuncture is an additional $30 per treatment as massage time

  • Indiana laws no longer require M.D. referrals


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